January 10-15, 2018

Cash Game Tour comes to Minsk!

Searching for best poker vacation? Visit exciting winter poker festival
in joyful Minsk, Belarus on
January, 10-15!


Belarus Poker Tour

10.01 Wednesday 12:00 BPT Poker Classic* $85+$15 10,000 30 min
13:00 TOP Event* 500$ 40,000 40 min
16:00 Satellite to High Roller Event $54+$7 7,500 15 min
11.01 Thursday 12:00 TurboSatellite to High Roller Event $54+$7 5,000 15 min
12:00 TOP Event (Day 2)* 500$ 40,000 45 min
14:00 High Roller Event* $350+$25 40,000 40 min
12.01 Friday 12:00 High Roller Event (Day 2)* $350+$25 40,000 45 min
12:00 Satellite to Main Event $55+$5 7,500 15 min
13:00 F1 Event* 250$ 25,000 25 min
16:00 Main Event (Day 1А)* $250+$25 30,000 40 min
13.01 Saturday 12:00 High Roller Event (Final Day) - - 50 min
12:00 Satellite to Main Event $55+$5 7,500 15 min
13:00 SuperKnockOut* 250$ 15,000 20 min
16:00 Main Event (Day 1В)* $250+$25 30,000 40 min
14.01 Sunday 12:00 Main Event (Day 2)* $250+$25 30,000 45 min
13:00 Sunday Re-Buy* $50 10 000/15 000 20 min
16:00 UltraTurbo Deepstack* $63+$12 30,000 10 min
15.01 Monday 12:00 Main Event (Final Day)* - - 60 min
12:00 KnockOut Event* $135+$15 20,000 20 min
13:00 Chinese Poker (Pineapple)* 250$ 20,000 25 min


Cash Games


Rake System

NLH / PLO$1-$35%25
NLH / PLO$2-$54%25
NLH / PLO$5-$54%30
NLH / PLO$5-$103%50
NLH / PLO$10-$203%50

For special hotel discounts for cash game players, please contact [email protected]

Accommodation and Packages

Cash Game Package
(Hotel Belarus 4*)


  • Play daily
  • 6 hours
  • $5/$5

  • 1 or 2 players in room FREE

Extra night to package 50$ per room.


Welcome to the ultimate gaming experience!

​Casino Emir Minsk

One of the oldest gambling establishments in Minsk - Casino "Emir". More than 20 years of experience. Today, after almost a year of repairs, it is once again opened its doors to hunters for good luck.

Casino "Emir" updated the interior, but has retained a warm and friendly atmosphere and first-class service. Spin the wheel of fortune may be in a large slot hall and poker club, and later guests will American roulette and blackjack. The poker club you will be able to meet with the best intellectuals of this game both from Belarus and from near and far abroad, and fight them in the tournament.

The rich program of the casino "Emir" concerts Belarusian pop stars, dinner at the excellent restaurant with excellent cuisine, and performances of our visitors to the restaurant, karaoke KORSET. Courteous staff and personal attention to each guest by the management will not leave you indifferent and will make your holiday unforgettable.

The casino "Emir" will find something to your taste as a frequenter of visitors, as well as a beginner. The friendly staff will be happy to tell you the necessary assistance and the subtleties of the game. Affordable rates, the timely payment guarantee of winning, as well as a variety of bonuses - play fun and safe casino "Emir". The safety of our guests provide professional security.


Minsk will almost certainly surprise you. The capital of Belarus is, contrary to its dreary reputation, a progressive, modern and clean place. Fashionable cafes, impressive restaurants and crowded nightclubs vie for your attention, while sushi bars and art galleries have taken up residence in a city centre once totally remodelled to the tastes of Stalin. Despite the strong police presence and obedient citizenry, Minsk is a thoroughly pleasant place that's easy to become fond of.

Razed to the ground in WWII, Minsk has precious few buildings remaining from the pre-war years, and there are relatively few traditional sights in the city, save a clutch of worthwhile museums. Instead, there are myriad places of interest to anyone fascinated by the Soviet and Lukashenko periods and a growing wealth of cosmopolitan pursuits to keep you entertained come evening.

Discover all the attractions, fancy restaurants and hipster bars, nightclubs, places to upgrade your cultural level and those to relax. Welcome to Minsk!


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