March 16-19, 2017

Cash Game Tour Tbilisi!
For the first time Cash Game Tour in Georgia!

Cash Game Tour in cooperation with Casino Adjara and PokerTrest
invites players to sunny Tbilisi during March 16-19.


Cash Games


Rake System

NLH / PLO$1-$35%25
NLH / PLO$2-$54%25
NLH / PLO$5-$54%30
NLH / PLO$5-$103%50
NLH / PLO$10-$203%50

For special hotel discounts for cash game players, please contact [email protected]

Accommodation and Packages

Package Leveli

  • 3 nights in Hotel Leveli 3*
    (20m from casino)
  • Airport transfer Tbilisi (both ways)
  • 95$ per person in DBL room
  • *SGL accommodation +55$
    *Extra night in hotel 50$ DBL,40$ SGL
    *Transfer Kutaisi Airport (both ways) +85$


Welcome to the ultimate gaming experience!

Casino Adjara Tbilisi

Casino Adjara has been operating since June 18, 1998 and immediately became a leader in the gaming industry in Georgia.Providing to it’s visitors 50 gaming tables, including all the traditional and modern casino games.

There are also 295 slot machines, including 80 electronic Roulette stations. With an average Casino attendance of approximately 2,000 guests per night, Casino Adjara gambling halls create a unique gaming atmosphere that cannot be felt in many other Casinos in Europe.

The Casino area is 5,000 square meters and occupies 2 floors, each of which has its own unique concept. The first floor of the complex includes a restaurant, bar and the main gaming room, the entrance of which requires registration and compliance with a smart casual dress code.
The second floor of the complex is more relaxed, it does not require compulsory registration. This floor includes a large Slots room, Poker Club, Bar, Restaurant and a number of gaming tables.

Tbilisi, GEORGIA

Have you been to a city where you can find Georgian Orthodox, Armenian Gregorian and Roman Catholic churches, a synagogue, a mosque and a Zoroastrian temple all within a 5 minute walk of each other?
Then you should definitely come to Georgia and visit Tbilisi – a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious city on the crossroads of history, a city neither European nor Asian but a heady blend of both East and West. To Tbilisi's eternal charms of a dramatic setting in the deep valley of the swift Mtkvari River, picturesque architecture, an ever-lively arts and cultural scene, and the welcoming Georgian lifestyle have been added a whole new 21st-century dimension of inviting cafes and restaurants serving ever better food, up-to-date lodgings from backpacker hostels to international five-stars, funky bars and clubs, spruced-up museums, galleries, parks, plazas and whole streets, modernised transport and a sprinkling of eye-catching contemporary architecture.
All of which make it a much easier, and more fun, city to visit and live in than it was less than a decade ago.
But the old Tbilisi is still very much here too. The Old Town, at the narrowest part of the valley, is still redolent of an ancient Eurasian crossroads, with its winding lanes, balconied houses, leafy squares and handsome churches, all overlooked by the 17-centuries-old Narikala Fortress. Neighbourhoods not far from the centre still retain a village-like feel with their narrow streets, small shops and community atmosphere.
Small traders still clog up the pavements around metro stations selling fruit, vegetables, cheese and nuts fresh from the countryside. Modern and ancient, Tbilisi remains the beating heart of the South Caucasus and should not be missed by any visitor.


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